Problems with Solaris 2.6 and Squid-1.1.20 !

From: Tomi Orava <>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 14:33:28 +0200


We have a Ultra 1 machine with 320MB of memory and 8GB of disk-space
running Solaris 2.5.1 and Squid 1.1.20. The problem is that for some
I'm unable to figure out why Squid only works reliably with Solaris
2.5.1 but
not with 2.6.

Currently when running 2.5.1, the lod is around 0.3 when there are
around 200
users using the proxy. However, if I try run the same software with the
hardware with Solaris 2.6, the CPU usage goes through the roof (more
than 1.xx).

Do people have similar setups working OK with Solaris 2.6 and Squid
1.1.20 ?

//Tomi Orava

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