Re: Transparent proxy, Hardware requirments

From: Bill Wichers <>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 17:04:48 -0500 (EST)

I'd run with an absolute minimum of 4 GB cache (that's *cache*, not the
whole system), preferrably more along the lines of 8-16 GB. You'll want to
put lots and lots of RAM, 128 MB is probably an exceptable minimum
although more might be better.

I'd suggest at least three drives -- one for the system, one for Squid and
its logs, and one for the cache. The Squid-only box I'm building to go on
line this August (we're adding a bunch of lines and caching clients) will
run with 16 GB of cache (4 seperate 4 GB drives with different cache_dir
entries), a 2.2 GB UWSCSI drive for the system, and another for Squid and
its logs. The processor will be either a Pentium Pro or a Pentium II
(depends on cost issues when we purchase the motherboard and processor in
in June/July). It will have somewhere between 128 and 256 MB of SDRAM
(depends on cost at the time). It will be running a hacked up version of
Redhat Linux 5.0, unless the 2.1 kernel is working by then. Ethernet card
will be a 3c905 running into a switch.

If you really expect you cache to take a beating I'd reccomend you either
stripe some disks together with md for your cache, or run several seperate
drives with different cache_dir entries. You can really speed up your
cache by splitting up disk activity over multiple drives as well as
running on a box with lots of RAM. Processor may be the least important

And make sure to use a BusLogic SCSI card if you run Linux. BusLogic at
the moment appears to be the best supported SCSI card under Linux.


On Wed, 11 Mar 1998, Sherif Diaa El-Din - Email wrote:

> hi all,
> I need to install squid on a DEC alpha machine, a linux PC for IP
> filtering, and cisco routers.
> I have 180 phone lines, ie 180 simultaniuos connections to both squid and
> linux, anyone can tell me how much hard disk space and memory will I need
> for both machine to give good performance with smallest possible delay ?
> any ideas to give best performance will be appreciated.
> sherif
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