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>Are you looking at the right product? I'd think what you really want is
>the ACEdirector 1. Depends on whether you just want cache server
>balancing, or if you actually need a gigabit switch. Besides, if you want
>to use the ACEswitch with squid boxes, you'll have to be running Solaris,
>since they only have drivers for their ACEnic (required for use with the
>ACEswitch, as near as I can tell) for NT and Solaris.

The ACEswitch 110 has (8) 10/100 and (2) GbE ports available on it.
Obviously you do not need Alteon NIC technology if you want to connect your
Squid servers (or other caching systems) to our switch using Ethernet or
Fast Ethernet. It is both a Layer-2 switch and a Layer-4 switch
simultaneously, allowing users to scale their cache farms to appropriate
sizes, or use Server Load Balancing simultaneously, plus allowing other
normal L2 switching functions.
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