rotation of log files

From: Louis Shue <>
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 00:46:18 -0800

Hi everyone,

I have just started running a Squid server (v 1.1.20 with the ACL patch
compiled in) for about two weeks on a Linux Redhat 5.0 system on a P200MMX.
At present, since I can't afford a backup tape yet, so I am rotating the
log files every night via a cron job. I can then download the smaller files
on to another PC for storage. I am using the option 'squid -k rotate' to
rotate the log. However, I have noticed a few times already that the logs
don't get rotated. In fact it seems even though the old log is closed at
the specified time (ie. access.log -> access.log.0), parts of the old log
then prepends the new log, so the new log is immediately 2MB larger, for
example. I was just wondering if anyone has noticed this problem before,
and what can be done for this? Thanks in advance.

ps. I have also tried 'kill -USR1 <squid-process-id>', but it does not seem
to work as well.


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