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From: Bruce Campbell <>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 17:53:45 +1000 (EST)

On Mon, 16 Mar 1998, Antony wrote:

> A little while ago I ran across a discussion which said that using
> "proxy-only" causes a rather large performance hit for the object being
> served.
> We're looking at setting up a parallel proxy configuration but naturally do
> not want to waste space by caching the same object on both machines.
> Does anyone know if this is still (or actually was) the case, and if so, if
> there are any plans to correct it?

From the Brisbane Ausbone caching discussion (courtesy Brent of BIT):

: Now, we also need to utilise the "ICP_HIT_STALE on" directive. And we
: can't really use the miss_access feature. This info has been garnered
: from

which is *meant* to store one copy of a given URL in a cache cluster (if
they all have it set). To be honest, I'm not that crash hot on it but it
does appear to work.


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