From: Bill Wichers <>
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 19:20:25 -0500 (EST)

I think what you want to know is if Wget will act like a normal user or if
it asks for everything in the "prama-nocache" way like when you
shift+reload something. To my knowledge (and from info when I run it on my
own caches), wget behaves like a normal user (with the exception of be
very dedicated to its surfing :-), and your cache will behave with
wget's requests just like it would if a user was requesting the same

I've used wget to seed caches and to suck in popular sites based on
"popularity projections" (we had wget suck down the entire nagano olympic
site very early to maximize hits -- and it paid off in a very big way).
Wget is also good at stress testing a cache if you run a bunch of
instances of it all with a different list of sites to fetch. Stress
testing works best if you use several fairly powerful machines to run the
wget processes.


On Mon, 23 Mar 1998, A.Saeed wrote:

> By Using Wget do we can use it as if we are pressing RELOAD of the Browser
> .
> I mean there are quite few sites which are updated dynamically so if
> possible we can make our refresh_pattern for about 15days % 30days
> excluding the dynamic sites.
> I searched it in archive but couldn't found it.
> regards
> arshad
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