SSL patch for squid to proxy to an other auth SSL proxy

From: Richard E. Blanchet <>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 20:04:26 +0100

  Hi Rolf (Hi Squiders!),

  Having a problem to proxy https URLs through our FireWall proxy we
have found out that this was due to our internal Squids just eating the
Proxy-Auth headers.
  Then browsing all the digests I had copied (from late 1996), I have
found only one post from O.Pearson in Sept 97 about that topic and
quoting a patch you have provided him with for SSL routines.
  But I was unable to read it at first time, so before trying to find
out some tools to read it I thought it could be useful to ask you (and
the Squiders) if you have some late status on this patch, or even a new
one?... And then if you can provide us with it ?
And BTW why is it not included into the patch URL on Squid site? Did
Duane find something wrong with it?

  Thanks in advance for your help,



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