Re: Adding a second cache_dir

From: David Kelly <>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 11:18:03 +0200

Hi Damien,

>We are looking to add an additional 9Gb drive for our squid to munch on.
>I don't want to lose my existing cache.
>If I add a second cache_dir line and update my cache_swap, will squid start
>using the second drive? Will it realise that the first drive is already at

The method I'd suggest would be:

* comment out the first cache_dir in your squid.conf
* add the new cache_dir
* shutdown squid (squid -k shutdown)
* run squid -z to create the directories in your new cache_dir
* uncomment the first cache_dir
* reload squid

Squid should keep all your current cache files and start filling up the new

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