Cache Announcements - receiving scripts

From: Niall Doherty <>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 19:13:28 +0000


We've got about 20 squid and/or netcache proxy servers in
Ericsson communicating together in a mesh (a tangled one :-)

Keeping track of these was getting tricky as it got more and more
popular, so I've written some (simple) code that helps in the
"registration" process:

  1 Perl script to receive incoming UDP connections and pass
  datagram information (slightly modified) to a parsing program

  1 Perl script to parse data and place into appropriate directories/

  1 Perl CGI script to read the directories and produce a HTML listing
  (looks very similar to that used at NLANR :-)

It's very handy - it allows us to use the built in cache-announcement
feature in Squid and Netcache.

The scripts are fairly rough-and-ready but they do the job well
enough. If anyone out there is in an organisation that's e.g.
behind a firewall and has multiple administrators I'd be happy to
make the code available. I'd also be delighted if anyone wanted to
help tidy up the scripts and make them robust (they're not very
at the moment, although they've been running with no problem since
I set them up - but they won't recover from any problem).


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