Re: i/o in trasparente proxy??

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 17:03:35 -0700

"Riccardo Vratogna" writes:

>May squid often report operation already in progess
>or some other error.

The "operation already in progess" error comes up when
Squid tries to connect() a non-blocking socket.

The way it *should* work is that Squid first tries connect(),
receives and EWOULDBLOCK error, then uses select() to find out
when the connect() completes.

But sometimes, it seems that select() prematurely indicates the
socket connection is established. If the connection is not really
complete, then we get the EALREDY (operation already in progess)

On some systems, EALREADY seems harmless. We can just try again.
However, on my HP-UX system, connections to certain IP addresses
will forever loop with the EALREADY erorr. Select always says
the socket is ready for writing (connecting), but connect() always
says "operation already in progess". So for HP-UX, I have
to make EALREADY a fatal error, otherwise the CPU utilization goes
to 100%. I assume this is a TCP/IP implementation or compatibility
bug with HP-UX and something else. I have applied patches from
the HP patch site, but they didn't help.

What is your OS?

>I/O stats report 94% of deferred. Can be this the problem,
>what do you mean 94% of deferred, and how i can solve it?

This is not related to the problem above.

Duane W.
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