Re: Squid 1.2b19 on NLANR caches broken

From: Dancer <>
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 16:46:08 +1000

Duane Wessels wrote:
> "Jordan Mendelson" writes:

> >GameSpy, a popular internet game server browser has a bug which makes it not
> >put the 'HTTP/1.0' after the 'GET /URL' request. Squid doesn't understand
> >this and forces an error. Unfortunatly, a lot of my users use this program.
> >Is there a way to disable this behavorior?
> Not yet.

The GameSpy developers (I am told) are pretty responsive to bug reports.
It'd probably be easier and better to get them to add it in to their
next GameSpy release (they come pretty frequently, if I recall
correctly...More frequently than squid revisions) than to patch squid to
encourage an incorrect behaviour.

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