Re: Retry patch ,ERR_C0NNECT_FAIL too!

From: Michael Pelletier <>
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 10:03:15 -0400 (EDT)

On 5 Apr 1998, Riccardo Vratogna wrote:

> I've apply the retry patch, and it work better.
> But for example i'm unable to show certain site such as:
> It report: (111) Connection refused
> In the log any retray are made:
> 1998/04/05 20:52:13| ERR_CONNECT_FAIL:
> 1998/04/05 20:52:15| ERR_CONNECT_FAIL:
> 1998/04/05 20:52:19| ERR_CLIENT_ABORT:

I get the following:

1998/04/07 09:54:14| marked bad
1998/04/07 09:54:14| commConnectHandle: FD 17[] conn suceeded (try 2)

(Note the differing IP addresses for the two attempts) Make sure your
debug_options are set properly in squid.conf, mine are set to ALL,1. The
best way to look for the functioning of the retry patch in your log file

        egrep 'try|mark' cache.log

Also, make sure that your Squid has the retry patch enabled. Your startup
banner should look like this:

1998/04/07 09:51:30| Restarting Squid Cache (version 1.1.20+retry)...
If you don't have the "+retry" in the version number, the connection-retry
patch is not enabled. Also, take a look at your IPcache contents - you
should see each address marked either "OK" or "BAD". Another possibility
might be your squid.conf options pertaining to single-address retries, but
in this case, has three addresses, so that's not the

        -Mike Pelletier.
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