RE: Successfuly Ported/Compiled Squid on NT

From: Rodel T. Viado <>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 09:58:43 +0800

>> I have Successfuly Ported/Compiled Squid on NT using CygWin32

>Yes, I made some changes in b19 to allow configre and build using
>cygwin32 (see, but there is still
>some problems to be ironed out...

>Did you do any additional changes? If you did please send them to
> or

This are the things I did...

1) renamed "aux" directory to "anyvaliddirname"
2) change any "aux" reference in "configure" to "anyvaliddirname"
3) ./configure
4) Edited autoconf.h to define "#define USE_GNUREGEX
5) added the following in "src/Makefile"

         EXECUTABLES = squid.exe client.exe\
densserver.exe ftpget.exe unlinkd.exe pinger .exe

6) edited src/Makefile

        install: all install-mkdirs
                @for f in $(EXECUTABLES)
7) make; make install
>> Anybody care to join testing Squid on NT ;)

>Then wait a little. When Squid is known to pass the basic tests on NT
>then a call for testers will be sent to squid-users.

Sorry for those who ask for the binaries, as Henrik pointed out i should
have really waited a little longer for the port to stable out....:(

>Henrik Nordström
>Sparetime Squid Hacker

Rodel T. Viado
Iligan Global Access Network
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