Re: Squid Upgrade

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 02:48:35 +0200


> > This is good. If correct I have nothing to worry about. The absolute
> > maximum number of users we have at once is 60. We should be fine. The
> > odds of every single user accessing squid at once are 1 in a million -
> > right ;-)

> You can reasonably expect each user to use an average of 4 connections
> simultaneously, when they're fetching documents with inline images. What
> does that do for your math?

Yep - million to one odds happen every day... :)

> We used to hit the 256 file-descriptor wall with 40 users. Frequently.

Ok guys - here is how to patch it:

Download the patch from
(via FTP/wget - don't just cut-and-paste it since it messes up the format in
netscape). Save it as 'filehandle.patch.linux' in your home directory.

get the latest 2.0.* kernel source... extract it in /usr/src/ (after moving
        your old /usr/src/linux/ directory to a different name... otherwise
        things get mixed up.)

cd to /usr/src
patch < ~/filehandle.patch.linux

When it asks for a filename (just after it mentions types.h) you
just type /usr/include/gnu/types.h and the patch should succeed.

Only one of the files that needs to be patched isn't in /usr/src/ - it's
called /usr/include/gnu/types.h. This file is normally backed up when you patch
to /usr/include/gnu/types.h.orig. When you install a new kernel this file
doesn't get 'downgraded' and it means that the patch fails on this file..
don't worry.

This should update the needed kernel files to handle 3000 FD's per
process. You will need to recompile the kernel to suit your system (see
the 'kernel' FAQ on or one of it's mirrors for that)

Hope this helps a little.


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