Re: file-system corruption with recent squids

From: Jacob Suter <>
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 10:43:44 -0500

Are you running an IDE hard drive? Make sure you don't have the PIO
settings too high. Also check LBA/Normal settings.

Or... you could switch to FreeBSD :) (I've yet to have any unexpected
corruption in 8 months)

JS wrote:
> I had a little squid which had been stable running 1.1.5 (or similar)
> for a long time on a little Linux machine. I decided to upgrade to
> 1.NOVM.x as I was about to add more disk and the memory leaks in
> 1.1.5 were getting to me. In any case the disk adding failed and
> I've still not resolved that problem, but back in the old config
> 1.NOVM.21+retry was running and then the fs with the cache (and not
> much else) got corrupt, with the directories of the cache being invalid.
> I thought that maybe this kernel problem was triggered by somethign new
> in 21, so tried 1.NOVM.20+retry which is reputed to be very stable, but
> the fs got corrupted a couple of weeks later. Now this machine was
> running a really old kernel (2.0.30) so I upgraded to a nice shiney one
> (2.0.34pre9 for reasons I don't want to go into), and all was well for
> about a day and then it hit again.
> I was watching the machine this time, and spotted it shortly after the
> first directory got corrupt. I fcsk'd it and then deleted the cache
> and ran squid -z again to re-make the directory. I'm now waiting for
> it to happen again. Is this somethign that others have seen? am I just
> very unlucky or is this a known kernel problem which squid is tickling?
> With 2.0.34pre9 the kernel logged the following messages each time squid
> tried to access the duff directory:
> Apr 20 14:29:06 edsac kernel: EXT2-fs error (device 03:04): ext2_find_entry: bad entry in directory #116756: inode out of bounds - offset=0, inode=4342253, rec_len=1024, name_len=0
> [ I'm Cc:ing this to Alan Cox in case this is somethign he wants to know
> about before 2.0.34 is released ]
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