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From: Phillip Chen <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 12:06:56 -0400

Lao Duane,

It seems you were in Washington DC...
After evaluated and talked with most the cache vendors, we chose
Squid as the building brick for our cache engine. (It may not
relate to my favorite dish: fried squids.)
As the one responsible for caching and multicasting, I realized
the challenges ahead and headaches at night. I hope you give me
a hand when I sink; you already did via the Squid web page.
In return, I promise to inform you immediately when a new lady
comes out to accuse Bill again around our beltway :-)
Long Live Squid!

Phillip Chen
A&T Systems, USA
PS: "Lao" means Master in Chinese.

At 07:59 PM 4/20/98 -0600, Duane Wessels wrote:
>I assume this is why you're asking?
>Duane W.
>Feb. 9,1998 A&T Wins INTELSAT Multicast Internet Caching and
>Replication System Contract
>Source: PR Newswire
>SILVER SPRING, Md., Feb. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- A&T Systems, Inc. announced
>today that it has been awarded INTELSAT's contract for the integration
>of a Multicast Internet Caching and Replication System.
>The Multicast Internet Caching and Replication System will be based upon
>a warehouse/kiosk paradigm where the warehouse collects content from
>frequently accessed World Wide Web sites and efficiently transmits the
>content via satellite to registered kiosks. The warehouse will also
>automatically update Internet content previously delivered to the
>kiosks. The system will be designed to support access to real time
>streams from multiple sources of multimedia content, as well as the
>unicasting of traffic through the carriers used by the warehouse and
>kiosks. A&T's solution will be turnkey, scaleable, and standards-based
>for maximum interoperability.
>"We believe that with the marriage of multicasting and Internet caching
>techniques, INTELSAT's customers will enjoy both optimum bandwidth
>efficiency and significant cost savings. A&T is delighted with this
>award," Dr. Ashok Thareja, A&T's President and CEO said. Unlike
>point-to-point content delivery schemes, satellite multicasting,
>combined with caching and replication, provides added value to both end
>users and ISPs including: speeding access to content/web pages; lowering
>link costs; and reducing strain on primary web sites. As the worldwide
>leader in satellite communication, INTELSAT is in an ideal position to
>offer this new level of integrated service platform on a global basis.
>An international pilot service demonstration of the prototype system
>with INTELSAT signatories and customers will be conducted by INTELSAT
>and A&T in late 1998. Expected roll out of the commercial system will
>follow completion of the pilot and specific commercial customization of
>the prototype.
>INTELSAT ( owns and operates the world's most extensive
>global communications satellite system. With 1997 revenues of over US$
>960 million, the INTELSAT system provides voice/data and video services
>in more than 200 countries and territories via satellite.
>A&T Systems, Inc. ( is a high technology computer
>engineering firm specializing in software development, systems
>integration, systems management, and performance engineering. The
>company has successfully delivered content management and operational
>features for satellite-based broadcast transmissions. A&T, a member of
>the Washington-based Federal Multicast SIG, is a technology partner of
>StarBurst Communications, the developer of MFTP(TM).
>SOURCE A&T Systems, Inc. /CONTACT: Nancyfaye Autenzio of A&T Systems,
>301-384-1425, ext. 346, or /Web site:
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