ERR_NO_FDS Squid memory errors

From: Andrew <>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 11:59:30 +1000

We are wanting to run squid on a pentium 233 with two 9 Gig scsi Hard Drives.
I originally set squid up like this:
15 dnsserver processes
100 Meg of Ram allocated to it
When we tested it, it used up all the ram in about 20 minutes and the logfiles showed up with errors like this:
893331870.673 77 ERR_NO_FDS/400 909 GET
I think this means it's running out of file Descriptors, or memory????
How much memory do i need to run squid with this setup?
Any help would be appreciated
Thanks in advance

Andrew Specht
System Administrator
Internet Access Australia
+61 039 686 6677
Melbourne, Australia
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