What should I redirect a Java .class file to ?

From: Armistead, Jason <ARMISTEJ@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 02:48:00 -0400


Here's the scenario

There are a whole lot of sites starting to use page tracker URLs/applets to
monitor and report on what a user follows around a particular site. This
includes (in Australia) Trading Post and NineMsn.

With the following URL formats

p (some sort of counter)


GET http://webmeasure.msn.aus.com:8888/webmeasure/applets/PageGather.class
(Java tracker)


yp/sguide/yp_shopguide.html (single pixel GIF)

You can see how bandwidth wasting all this stuff becomes after a while.

The URLs just get either a single pixel GIF (so no actual noticeable
artifacts on the page) or

I don't want to discount Java altogether, just filter out these
links-followed-survey ones. Can anyone suggest what a good "harmless" Java
<APPLET> replacement might look like. A blank file comes to mind...

Any ideas appreciated

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