Re: Squid vs. Netscape Proxy

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 00:42:02 +0200


> > Exactly. But do you really think DNS round robin is a good solution?
> > Why would an Ankara user use the Istanbul Cache? That wastes
> > bandwidth which kind of defeats the whole idea of proxying.
> Yep, I completely missed the point of what you were trying to do :)

> You could use it to tie a cache farm within one city to a single name for
> the customer, though. If you set all your clients up to fetch an autoproxy
> script in order to configure switch settings, you might be able to serve
> up a different collection of settings based on the IP address of the
> caller. That might do the trick quite nicely.

I have been thinking about this for a while... it's a bit
different in our situation, but I'll explain anyway.

The best solution I have thought of is the following:

and modify it... should be fairly straight forward... I'll do it
if other people are really interested. (It's perl, but the latest
one has a C version, AFAIK)

We are primarily a leased-line provider. Nearly all of our leased-line
customers have a on-site caching DNS. We get them all to point to
"". When someone surfs their DNS talks to our DNS
and finds the IP addresses associated with the name.

Now - all we have to do is keep a small table of address ranges in
RAM, and answer them DIFFERENTLY for people in the different
areas. Since they are cached it means that your proxy.pac doesn't
have 10000 IP addresses in a string of "IsInNet" lookups for each
URL... just once every 8 hours... and you can do proper indexing
with trees etc if it's really loaded.

The problem is (for example) our dialup section... all of our dialup
customers talk to one DNS server here... if we wanted to do it
for them we would have to modify that DNS server source code to
pick up the client POP... and I don't want to modify named..

I might have to do this sometime soon... I am doing other testing
at the moment... I'll let you know how it goes if I actually do it.

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