Re: Child and Parent caches.

From: Steven Sporen <>
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 13:02:44 +0002

> Not necessarily. Does the object have a set/get cookie in it? Does it
> contain words found in the cache_stoplist? Is it marked 'pragma:
> no-cache', or 'cache-control: private' or 'cache-control: no-store'?
> Does it have a backdated expiry? Is it being asked for with any pragmas,
> or cache-controls?
I'll give an exmaple, I go to one machine, download the browser, it comes
off our parent cache (The speed suggests that), if I move to another machine
and download the same file from the same location, it comes down at the same
rate. I did wait for the first file to complete before moving to the second machine.

  Steve |
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