Re: Ideal hardware for squid proxy server

From: Alfonso Correas <>
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 11:33:11 +0200

Nicolas Gudino wrote:

> The hard disk is spinning all the time and it
> is not as fast as I would like to.

Swap you IDE disk for a Ultra SCSI disk, like Seagate HAWK or better a
Quantum Viking with a SCSI controller (could be an Adaptec AHA2940 Ultra
or simmilar) and you'll get a performance boost.

> hardware to improve performance. I would also like to increase the
> cache size to 9 Gig. Should I buy the fastest SCSI disk available,
> or an IDE disk will do?

Definitively an IDE hard disk is NOT recommended under my point of view,
a SCSI hard disk handles better and performs better under heavy load.

> Is it important to upgrade the procesor,
> or more important is to increase memory, or both? Any advice would
> be great. Thanks in advance,

Like some people say processor isn't important in Squid, if your
motherboard supports it (please, AVOID any FX, VX, TX Intel chipset. If
you can, go for an Intel HX or a VIA-1 or 2 chipset, because the nasty
limit of 64Mb of RAM cached, any ammount of memory up from this limit is
not cached.

        Alfonso Correas
        Comm NetWorks
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