Re: multiple runnings of Squid on RedHat Linux 5.0

From: Bill Wichers <>
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 22:58:20 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 30 Apr 1998, Erik Lewis wrote:

> I am running Squid on a RedHat 5.0 Linux box as follows. Amdk6233, 64mb
> ram, 2 gig ide hard disk, and an intel 10/100TX nic. I only have my cache
> at 100MB and it will eventually support 40 or so users. Any cache size
> suggestions?

Suggestion: beef up the cache size. I'd set cache_swap to at least 1024
MB. I also suggest using a seperate drive (or at least a seperate
partition) for your cache directory. Using an IDE drive I'd expect a
seperate drive to be important. Use a fast UDMA drive (Which is supported
by the TX chipset) for your cache directory. Remeber that a higher
cache_swap value is approximatly equivalent to a higher hit rate (over
time, depending on traffic and user browsing patterns, etc, etc. Your
mileage may vary).

> Being a public library I am being directed to filter. Don't want to mess
> with client side like surfwatch or cyberpatrol I am planning on doing it at
> the Proxy. I have found a product call smartfilter that does what I want
> and works with the Squid. Its available at

Hmmm. Although I very much disagree with censoring stuff, I do have a lot
of schools as clients and this is a very big issue with them. I have a
block list plus a set of regexes that help to catch objectionable

> The question how do I set up a filtered version of Squid on the same
> machine. Is it possible seems to me its a matter of choosing a different
> port for the proxy.

If you do it the way I've been doing with block lists and regexes you can
setup one Squid with the ACL's configured such that the machines you want
filtered are subject to filtering and the others are not. Smartfilter is
going to need to be configured as either a redirector or a parent cache
(I'm not familiar with the specific product you mention, but proxy and
redirector are the only server-side filtering methods I'm aware of).
Either configuration for Smartfilter is covered in the Squid FAQ, ACL
configuration can get very complex very quickly however and you might want
to seek help with it.

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