Re: embarrasing question

From: Dancer <>
Date: Sat, 02 May 1998 02:07:09 +1000

And a voice spake unto Erik, saying thusly "Erik, thou shalt find that
which thou seekest in thy squid.conf file, and thou shalt find that it
is heavily commented, with information for use. And having found it,
thou shalt praise the name of Duane."

And so, Erik went to look up cache_swap in the squid.conf file, and saw
that it was as the voice had spoken.

(It's late, and I've just spent an age doing an emergency rewrite of a
buggy kernel module. That's my excuse)

Erik Lewis wrote:
> Can I modify my cache size without having to restart squid, or for that
> matter reload it?
> Where are my cache size settings located?
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