Re: select loop speed

From: Dancer <>
Date: Sun, 03 May 1998 14:51:31 +1000

Bill Wichers wrote:
> Is there any way to speed up the time spent dealing with select? Cachemgr
> shows:
> Select loop called: 885025 times, 714.176 ms avg
> on one of my small machines (actually my 1.2.beta20 test box). I've always
> seen VERY fast select times on Alphas and such and slower times on slower
> processors which makes me think that this is primarily a hardware-dictated
> number. Is there any config tweak that can be done to help though? Or
> would I just need to beef up the processor...

Just waffling off the top of my brain ('cause I do), I had assumed that
because it was called 'select loop' that it timed both the call to
select() _and_ all the time required to process
ready-to-read/ready-to-write connections that signalled...well, ready,
during the call to select.

To my way of thinking, then, those two numbers (number of times called
in period X (X==since startup) and the average service time would
comprise a fairly good estimate of (a) How busy your cache is, by way of
requests and connections, and (b) how well it is dealing with the flow
of data, header-processing, and all of that for the given request-load.

Number of times called tells us (I imagine) that for each time called,
at least one connection was active [that's an oversimplification, but
it's workable to view it that way]. Between these two numbers, and the
connection counter, it might be possible to produce a fusion that
represents real workload.

Or it might not, YMMV :)


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