Re: 1.2 Cache Size

From: Mark Cooke <>
Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 15:05:33 +0100 (BST)

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On Sun, 3 May 1998, Duane Wessels wrote:

> Mark Cooke writes:
> >In squid.conf I have specified a 150Mb cache like so:
> >cache_dir /usr/squid/cache 150 16 256
> >However, the dedicated squid cache partition is showing:
> >/dev/hda5 247871 245978 1893 99% /usr/squid/cache
> Possibilities:
> 150 MB is pretty small. Whats your incoming request rate?
> Squid may not be removing objects fast enough.

Very low, so this sounds like a likely possibility. The partition
filled up while I was browsing / downloading a set of large files (4Mb
or so each).

> Any other files there? core? When did you last start
> the cache_dir empty? Did it fill up from a 1.1 cache?

No core file, just a 500K squid cache index. I'm 95% sure I started
with a clean cachedir while using 1.2beta18 due to the warnings in
the 1.2 notes about changing formats. I then skipped 1.2beta19
and jumped to 1.2.20+patch.

> Whats your filesystem blocksize?

4K per inode. An 'ls -R | wc -l' gives 34000, so I guess taking a 4K
average unused space (worst case), this gives ~130M accounting
difference between the sum of byte lengths and the disk usage.

Obvious when you have the answer to the problem waved under your nose.

Thanks Duane,

(busy reformatting with 1K blocks, and setting cache_dir back to

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