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From: Dancer <>
Date: Tue, 05 May 1998 11:28:36 +1000

Vladimir Litovka wrote:
> Hi!
> On Mon, 4 May 1998, Ernst Heiri wrote:
> > META tags in the HTML part of a HTTP object are not setting any
> > HTTP-Headers - they are interpreted by browsers (netscape at least) only.
> You are partially true. <META name=...> interpreted by client, but
> <META http-equiv=...> must be interpreted by server. There are http headers
> in http-equiv directive, which server will send with this document.

Actually, no. From RFC 1866 (my emphasis):

"HTTP-EQUIV binds the element to an HTTP header field. An HTTP server
MAY use this information to process the document. In particular, it MAY
include a header field in the responses to requests for this document:
the header name is taken from the HTTP-EQUIV attribute value, and the
header value is taken from the value of the CONTENT attribute. HTTP
header names are not case sensitive."

Also, "The method by which the server extracts document meta-information
is unspecified and not mandatory. The <META> element only provides an
extensible mechanism for identifying and embedding document
meta-information -- how it may be used is up to the individual server
implementation and the HTML user agent."


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