Re: My network admin is having a baby

From: tom minchin <>
Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 13:51:25 +1000

On Sat, May 09, 1998 at 10:28:12PM -0500, S. L. Martin wrote:
> I am using stock Redhat 5.0 and realize that there is a problem with the
> setresuid being broken. My question is what is the best way to go about
> fixing this. I am really not that familiar with doing some of the
> suggestions in the faq and the vaqueness of how exactly to go about
> using some of the recommendations is beyond what I am familiar with.
> For example the suggestion of using the setenv etc....
> comes back with a program not found.

The FAQ example is using csh, default shell on most Linux systems is bash
(for better or worse).

To run their example, do this (in your squid source directory):

        setenv ac_cv_func_setresuid no
        rm -f config.cache
        ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/squid
        make clean
        make install
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