build *LARGE* cache server.

From: Jaeho Yang <>
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 17:55:15 +0900


I have a plan to build *large cache farms*, but each cache servers
doen't have
enough disks (*about 8 ~ 12 Giga*).

So I think that 2nd cache server for front-end squiq(s), for increasing
*Hit Ratio*.

I knew that *mirror image* products (*terra byte server or central
server*) did that..

Could you explain about the performance and configuration about *similar
to terra byte server*.

My *humble* thought is...

2nd Big Cache
        Solaris + NetCache (or Squid.. I heard that NetCache is better
than in performance.. ^_^),
        because it supports *ICP*.
        UltraSparc-II, Memory 1 Giga
        80~100 Giga Harddisk
        Gigabit Ethernet

Front-End Caches

     Squid server : about 20 entities..

But.. I afraid that 2nd big cache should handle serveral thousands of
requests per seconds..
Each squid handle 200~300 requests per seconds. If average Hit ratio is
1/3, then 2nd big
cache receives 1200~2000 requests per seconds....

Is it feasible ??


Any other ways to increase hit ratio without loss of scalability ?

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