analyze hitrates by type of object

From: George Michaelson <>
Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 10:09:47 +1000

I'm running a 3Gb squidcache on DEC/Alpha, direct parented behind a much
larger resource. 100 users at most. Nothing heavy.

I'm reasonably content that I only achieve around 14% hitrate, the re-use
of the parent cache achieves my traffic cost-savings by re-directing to
domestic tarrifs, so I'm really ahead even when I miss. But should I be
so complacent?

But looking at the graphs, I am struck by how *variable* the hitrate is
by type of object. Great for images, terrible for <other>, so-so for .html

I am also struck by the incidence of .class and other objects I infer from
little evidence are now 'out there'

Can anybody more clueful comment on:

        a) the achievability of high hitrates en masse for the small-site
                 cache: where do we say 'its working'

        b) the variance of hitrate by type of object: why might things vary
                so much depending on the MIME code?

        c) should I care? In particular, should .class instances and .jar
                 instances get more attention somehow?


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