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From: Dancer <>
Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 12:56:12 +1000


inside_firewall anything.that.this.cache.can.reach.directly !except.this


# All our domain is inside, except www and sales
# So this cache will go direct for all of except for
# sales.. and www.. both of which will be fetched from the parent
# any other domains not mentioned will also come from the parent.
inside_firewall ! !

Is that sort of what you're asking?


Mark McCafferty wrote:
> Hi,
> I'll just bet this is a common question, but I have had no
> luck in any of the FAQ's etc, so ...
> I have an environment with some machines on the inside
> of our firewall and some on the outside. As the machines
> on the outside are all sorts of IP's and names, I chose
> to use the inside_firewall directive, and just negated
> out those that were external. This works fine.
> However, *all* requests go to the parent cache. So, I use
> the local_domain directive to get squid to go direct to the
> offices nearby (each of which is domained).
> But, all requests are still sent to the first parent!
> I am sure this is simple, but I cannot figure it.
> To summarise:
> . I need to use a proxy server to get outside the firewall
> to both my own systems and the rest of the world
> . I am happy to use the parent cache to access most other
> internal sites, but ...
> . I want to go direct to a number of local offices
> thx
> mark
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