Re: New: squid-1.2-SQUIDFS

From: James H. Cloos Jr. <>
Date: 21 May 1998 17:44:31 -0500

Oskar> You have to be careful with mmaps... if you mmap the file you
Oskar> no longer just limit the file size to 2G, you limit your
Oskar> overall cache size to 2G... (at most)

Oskar> Your maximum memory-mapped size is equal to your maximum
Oskar> segment size. This means that you couldn't have a 4gig disk
Oskar> with 2 2gig files on it am mmap them both... you hit the
Oskar> maximum segment size limit. Of course I may be wrong... though
Oskar> we have discussed this on squid-bugs previously...

With a 32-bit CPU you are right. Alphas, UltraSparcs and other 64-bit
chips, when combined with a 64-bit OS such as Linux/Alpha or
UltraPenguin, have much nicer limits in this respect. (8 ExaBytes.
Should be enough for a few more years, yes?)


James H. Cloos, Jr.
Received on Thu May 21 1998 - 15:48:01 MDT

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