Re: Auto-bypassing a parent when parent is down

From: Dancer <>
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 13:43:36 +1000

I have a patch for that, against squid 1.1.20. If all configured parents
cease working it goes directly instead of producing the '...and the host
is beyond your firewall' message. When the parent comes back, it'll
resume using it.


Matthew J. Probst wrote:
> I have the following setup:
> Computer A is running a generic/non-squid proxy server.
> Computer B is running Squid.
> I want computer B to use computer A as a parent for ALL requests unless
> computer A is down for some reason/not-accepting requests/etc in wich
> case computer B can fetch pages directly from the source.
> I know how to configure squid to do this, but I can't get squid on
> computer B to automatically switch back to fetching pages exclusively
> through A in the event that A comes back up.
> Anyone know how to do this? I've messed with the squid config file for
> hours trying to acomplish this.
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