Re: /cache/log file woes

From: Mark Reynolds <>
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 16:22:13

At 23:29 21/05/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Mark Reynolds writes:
>>I had a script restart squid so often that it didn't
>>get time to rebuild the cache on startup properly.
>>So now I have 2 gig of cache data which I understand
>>will disappear when I restart squid :-(
>>Is it possible to recreate this file?
>You have two choices:
> Kill squid with 'squid -ks'
> Rotate the logs with 'squid -kr'
>Either command will write a new, clean log file.

Thanks Duane, you saved me my 2 gig :-)

a 'squid -k rotate' got them back.

I thought one of the -k options might do it, but didn't
want to try them at random.

Could this info please be added to the faq?

I also looked around for info on what each of the command
line options did, with not alot of success.

While many of these are pretty simple, some are a bit cryptic.

Usage: squid [-hsvzCDFRUVY] [-f config-file] [-[au] port] [-k signal]
       -a port Specify ASCII port number (default: 3128).
       -b Buffer log output (default is unbuffered).
       -f file Use given config-file instead of
       -h Print help message.
       -i Disable IP caching.
       -k reconfigure|rotate|shutdown|interrupt|kill|debug|check
                 Send signal to running copy and exit.
       -s Enable logging to syslog.
       -u port Specify ICP port number (default: 3130), disable with 0.
       -v Print version.
       -z Zap disk storage -- deletes all objects in disk cache.
       -C Do not catch fatal signals.
       -D Disable initial DNS tests.
       -F Foreground fast store rebuild.
       -R Do not set REUSEADDR on port.
       -U Unlink expired objects on reload.
       -V Virtual host httpd-accelerator.
       -Y Only return UDP_HIT or UDP_MISS_NOFETCH during fast reload.

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