Some notes about squid1.2beta21 / CordDumping 8(( / delay_access ?? / pinger address

From: Pedro Ribeiro <>
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 10:27:18 +0100

Here goes some notes about squid1.2beta21:

1 - My cache is dying frequently with the usual message sent so me by mail,
the really bad news is that my dbx isn't working (it tells that i haven't
devel. license installed) and i can't send information about where is the
bug 8(( the proxy is running in a Alpha433au running DU4.0d.

2 - Where is the "delay_access" option ???, i think this is a very usefull
option and shouldn't be lost in the 1.2 version of squid, more, really great
where if some traffic shaping mechanism were created instead, possible using
the "token bucket" algorithm or another one that shows to be better for this
purpose. some acl's for selecting the traffic details for each client

3 - "pinger", as i see the raw socket that does the icmp stuff isn't binded
to any specific address, i think that should be added some aditional
parameter to squid.conf to select this address.

I hope this "notes" contribute to the development of this great software
that is squid !!!

Best Regards.

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