passthrough proxy configuration

From: Holger Schreck <>
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 15:55:11 +0200

Hi there,
is there a way to use different passthrough_proxies (POST-Requests) as
parents for
different domains ?
I have two parents. One is used for accessing a special domain. The
second is used for all other domains, but the second has no access to
the "special domain".
I'd like to configure squid 1.1.20 in the same way as I did it for

cache_host parent1.mydomain parent 80 7 no-query
cache_host parent2.mydomain parent 80 3130

cache_host_domain parent1.mydomain .closed-domain
cache_host_domain parent2.mydomain !.closed-domain

passthrough_proxy parent1.mydomain
passthrough_proxy parent2.mydomain

Using this configuration all POST requests (esp. requests to the
closed-domain) are send to either one or the other and NOT
to the parent1. Has anyone experienced this problem and can

Thanks, Holger
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