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Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 19:08:27 +0200 (MET DST)

On Thu, 28 May 1998, Henrik Nordstrom wrote:

> WaiSun Chia wrote:
> >
> > Dear fellow squidsters,
> > I've stumbled upon this while surfing, especially check out the 2
> > graphs depicting Max URLs per hour and Median Response time.
> >
> > Are they for real or just a lot of hot air? Any Squid gurus are
> > familiar with the Harvest Benchmark?
> Squid 1.1.X has a quite bad throughtput graph when put under high load
> due to blocking on disk I/O. Squid 1.2 improves this a great deal by
> using asyncronous disk I/O.
> It would be interesting to see a similar comparisation using Squid 1.2
> (with async-io enabled).
> A unrelated preformance note to all Linux users: Make sure the cache
> disks is mounted with the noatime option.

At the moment I have a NetApp C230 (256 Mb RAM, 12 Gb diskspace for
cache) to test.

If anyone could come up with things one would like to know, in Squid vs.
NetCache, i'll see what I can do.

At the moment I still prefer Squid boxes over a NetApp, due to several
* The NetApp can't be reached securely. It only has telnet.
* All logs are cycled every 72 hours and automatically if the grow above
  256 Mb. Due to the fact that the logs can't be easily retrieved this
  makes statitics difficult in weekends/short vacations.
* Autosupport mail is default configured wrong.
* The error page you get when an URL is retrieved is wrong, it misses the
  logo, due to the fact that the domain is dumped from the link.
  (So it does work, but only if you're in the same domain as the NetApp)
  Bugid: #7811
* Restricting of domains which are queried through a neighbor/parent
  didn't work correctly until 3.2R8.
* Sometimes a new configuration isn't commited (but that might be an IE3
* The ACL lists don't work as documented.
* The statistics returned by NetApp are not the same as what Calamaris
  reports. Squidclients/Squidtimes don't function totally correct due to
  a little different logformat.
* It only has a web based config, and I miss the textconfig ;)

Hmm..looks like I'm only negative...nah..that's not true. The box is
normally indeed faster than Squid, but it needs some tuning. Also it is
being developed. I think it will soon be a good option.


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