Re: Pool for Request structur doesn't stop growing

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 09:49:31 -0600

Spock writes:

>> >I have a problem with squid eventually consuming all swap space of the
>> >server. from the cachemgr.cgi i can tell that the 'Pool for Request
>> >structur' is the biggest memory user and keeps on growing. looking thru
>> >the FAQ i didn't see any reference to this one. how do i put a limit on
>> >it???
>> > Pool for Request structur 13717 x 4408 bytes = 59047 KB ( 0 free)
>> This looks very much like a memory leak. But I wasn't aware of any
>> leaks with 1.1.20. Can you describe which options/features you
>> are using?
>the most unusual thing i'm using with it is Arjan de Vet's ACL Proxy
>authentication patch - a version of it that was for 1.1.10 which worked
>with 1.1.20 (or i made it work can't remember). other than that it's a
>simple cache setup, tcp only - no neighbours, and ACLs to restrict the
>ip's that can access. all accesses need to be authenticated before they
>use it.
>now that you ask what features i'm using it does make me wonder if the
>patch is the cause. would Arjan's patch affect Pool for Request

Pay a visit to

It looks like there is a newer patch available and the change log
notes a memory leak was fixed.

Duane W.
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