Re: ssl_proxy with 1.2

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 12:54:57 -0600

Pasi Sainio writes:

>please tell me how do I do
> ssl_proxy
>with squid 1.2.beta20? With acl probably, but how?

I added this to the FAQ:

19.1 How do I configure 'ssl_proxy' now?

By default, Squid connects directly to origin servers for SSL requests.
But if you must force SSL requests through a parent, first tell Squid
it can not go direct for SSL:

        acl SSL method CONNECT
        never_direct allow SSL

With this in place, Squid should pick one of your parents to use for
SSL requests. If you want it to pick a particular parent, you must use
the cache_host_acl configuration:

        cache_peer parent1 parent 3128 3130
        cache_peer parent2 parent 3128 3130
        cache_host_acl parent2 !SSL

The above lines tell Squid to NOT use parent2 for SSL, so it should
always use parent1.

Duane W.
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