HELP for a newbie!

From: Ricardo Kleemann <>
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 22:47:56 -0700 (PDT)

Hi everyone.

I have a question which I'm not sure squid would be the answer.

I'm looking for a way to implement a sort of www gateway which would work
like this:

1. Web server in a remote location serves a page which calls a cgi
application. Call this server 1.
2. The cgi application is on another remote server (server 2). However,
the intent is
for that cgi application to be accessed BY server 1. In other words, when
the browser tries to access the cgi, it should not go directly to the cgi
but should go by way of server 1, as a gateway. Therefore the browser
never accesses server 2 directly.

The reason for this is that both server 1 and server 2 are located on high
speed links, residing in different continents. It is much better for a
browser in one continent to access the remote app thru the high-speed link
(thru server 1) than for it to access server 2 directly.

Anyway, I was wondering if squid can be setup to act as that gateway. For
example, if I access squid can it then go and access the cgi app?

I hope I'm not confusing everyone, it's hard to explain.


cgi_app is gatewayed/proxied via squid, so that the browser doesn't have
to painfully try to access server2 directly.

Can someone help??

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