Re: 1.2beta21+patches Invalid Request

From: David J N Begley <>
Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 16:26:38 +1000 (EST)

On Sat, 30 May 1998, Mark White wrote:

> >Does Jesred support Class B networks? Last time I looked Squirm didn't.
> Not sure, do you have a class B network...

Of course..

> ...I can try with standard banner adds? It works well for the
> Australian Altavista site though.

Not 100% sure what you're asking here, so to be certain we're on the same
wavelength - Squirm could be configured with your local network addresses
so that it would only rewrite/redirect for requests from those networks.

At the time I checked, Squirm couldn't handle a single Class B network (it
wanted Class C entries); does Jesred work in a similar manner, and if so
does it work with Class B's or only Class C's?

If you mean you'd like me fire some queries directly over to your proxy
for testing purposes, let me know off-list and I'll work something out
(I'd need to modify our router filters .. maybe, maybe not..).


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