Re: Cache protocol

From: Alex Rousskov <>
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998 07:40:50 -0600 (MDT)

On Tue, 2 Jun 1998, Kamiski Nicolas wrote:

> I see there is a patch to CARPized squid.
> So i'm a little in trouble on which cache protocol to use, ICP, HTCP,
> CARP ?
> Or a mix of three ?

HTCP is not implemented yet.

CARP patch turns Squid into a CARP redirector so no other peer selection
protocols (ICP, Cache Digests) are used with CARP. Consider reading info that
comes with the CARP patch to see if you need to use CARP.

If you do not use CARP and configure Squid correctly, Squid will use several
algorithms: Cache Digests, NetDB, and ICP (in that order) in the attempt to
minimize network lookups ("do you have this object?" queries) and delays
("selecting "closest" peers).

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