compiling squid for proxy_auth

From: Oeschey, Lars <>
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 02:17:02 +0200


for a initial test, i did the following today: set in the src/Makefile
the AUTH_OPT to =
 -DUSE_PROXY_AUTH=1, i.e. just uncommented it, compiled it new and
replaced my squid executable with the resulting binary. Then I set the
proxy_auth in squid.conf to /usr/local/squid/etc/passwd where i put that
file... after trying to start squid then it didnīt even show up, in
/var/log/messages I have a message that I shouldnīt run squid as root
and if i have to, set run_effective_user (or what itīs called) to
something else... BUT... I didnīt change anything there, it still says
to run as squid/nogroup, which it did perfectly before.... so, since I
just replaced the binary and changed the auth_proxy parameter in
squid.conf, what went wrong?


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