Re: 1.20 vs 1.22

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sun, 07 Jun 1998 12:28:30 +0200

Dax Kelson wrote:

I assume you are asking about 1.1.20 vs 1.2.beta22?

> Under Linux, how does 1.20 compare to 1.22 in terms of speed

1.2beta should be able to handle quite a bit more load than 1.1.X.

> How is 1.22 coming along in terms of stability, etc?

1.2beta is not yet fully stable, but it is getting better. Hard to tell
when it will get stable as the code is still changing raidly.

> Has it added the functionality which the "no-cache-local.patch"
> provides?

Sort of. In 1.2 all these special directives is being replaced by ACL

Henrik Nordström
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