Re: Can squid log to Syslog?

From: George Michaelson <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 10:49:33 +1000

  I should have mentioned that Squid only logs 'level 0' debugging to
  syslog. This is basically only startup messages and serious
  errors/warnings. It should be a really low volume.

Right. so tuned syslog events from squid of this nature are no real load.
  Also, I was always under the impression that Squid wrote to the
  local syslogd, and *that* process was responsible for forwarding
  (via UDP) the messages over the network to other syslogs. Its just
  an assumption I made, so I could be wrong?

No, you are right, but then thats two levels of excess load:

        one to swap contexts and process the event via localhost UDP

        one to send the UDP eventstream out on the network to the
        final syslog destination.

If the goal is to log the data on the local host, why would you intrude
a syslog process into the pipe instead of doing buffered I/O within squid?

(I could be really clueless here: maybe lots of processes is a better model
 than one giant mastodon, which does its own internal premption of work under
 time constraints. Certainly back in the mmdf days, we thought that was why
 mmdf beat sendmail. Of course PP managed to intrude a whole *tribe* of
 giant OSI bloated mastodons instead of a herd of chickens. Where squid fits
 in this analogy isn't clear: Maybe its a giant squid :-)

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