How to set up Accelerate many origin servers

From: thispo <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 14:41:27 +0800

Dear everyone:

        Thanks you to take time figure out my problem.
I just tried to set up the squid (1.1.21) to act as an Accelertor for
http server. There are three modes as mentioned in the user's guide. I
already done the first mode, which allows to accelerate only one origin
server. Since I tried to config the third mode
which allow the squid to accelerate many origin servers using the
Host header ,but it still didn't work. I hope someone can kindly
help me out.

The things I have done,but didn't work :

1. set the port to 80 in squid.conf
2. add two domain '' and '' in dns
   server to map the same machine ( which runs squid
   The dns setup is tested and ok!
3. Turn on the http_accel_uses_host_header in squid.conf
4. Modify redirect_program to /usr/local/bin/ in squid.conf
5. Set redirect_children 5 in squid.conf

the is as following


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