Re: Squid returning wrong documents

From: Dancer <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 07:36:01 +1000

Yes, this is caused by a minor race condition during startup, with
clients requesting from the cache before the index/swap_log is fully

You can avoid this by starting squid with the -F option, but be warned
that squid will not answer requests until it has _finished_ reloading
the cache index/swap_log, thus in the event of a shutdown or similar,
squid will be unavailable for longer.


Borek Lupomesky wrote:
> Hello,
> Recently my squid 1.1.21 has strated to return wrong documents from
> time to time. Eg. returns some image instead of html, etc... Has anyone
> seen this behaviour?
> Bye Borek
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