Re: what version?

From: Rodney Holm <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 15:53:20 -0600


Actually redhat and slackware are distributions of Linux.

You will need to have a kernel that supports transparent proxy so it doesn't
really matter which distribution you choose. Slackware and Redhat are fairly
easy to install, but I'm not sure which kernel version is shipping with these.
Debian is another distribution you may want to look into. If you want to
your own kernel it can be done with any distribution as long as you have the
packages that are required for compiling.

I think transparent proxying is broken in 2.0.30 but it works in 2.0.29 and I
know it works again in 2.0.31, again these refer to the Linux kernel verion.

Here is the FAQ URL for transparent proxy and squid:

Chuck Pitre wrote:
> which version of LINUX is preferred for transparent proxying, redhat or
> slackware?
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