inconsistencies in the log files

From: Godfrey Tan <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 13:38:37 -0700

Hi All,
    We are using squid-1.1.20 on HP-UX 10.20. We notice some
inconsistencies in squid's log files. In particular, the total number of

unique SWAPOUT requests does not equal to (in fact, greatly differs) the

sum of the total number of unique RELEASE requests and the total number
of files in swap.log. For instance, store.log said there were 2000
unique files forced to disk (SWAPOUT) and 100 were being released. But
swap.log only had 1500 files.
    Similarly, when there were 2000 MISS requests in the access log and
1600 of them were neccessary misses (i.e. there were 1600 unique files
swapped out to the disk), store.log only reported that 40 files were
    Another thing is that squid seemed to be releasing some objects
prematurely. The store log had a RELEASE record when there were only 15
or so small objects in memory. My understanding was that the replacement
routines were only called when there were memory or disk pressures
(i.e., the usage was over the high water mark.)

    Could anyone give me hints on why squid is behaving that way? Has
anyone been analyzing store log?


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