Re: Squid sending UDP to port 7 of a remote server? Possible?

From: Marcos Assis Silva <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 19:45:25 -0300 (EST)

On Fri, 19 Jun 1998, Michael Pelletier wrote:
|o| I got a nasty-gram from Citizens bank yesterday, when two UDP packets
|o| went to the "echo" port from our proxy server. After looking through
|o| logfiles, there were accesses to (the machine
|o| that recieved the packets) moments after the first UDP packet was
|o| sent, and then the final access a couple of minutes before the second
|o| packet.
|o| Is it possible that these UDP packets could have originated from Squid
|o| in some way? The machine itself is very well-buttoned down, and
|o| inaccessable for login to just about anywhere except a couple of
|o| machines, and there's no evidence of any unusual activity. Thanks for
|o| any suggestions!

        What about this excerpt from "standard squid configuration
file"? It describes very clearly what you're saying / asking. BTW,
version 1.1.x. Regards ...

# TAG: source_ping
# If source_ping is enabled, then squid will include the source
# provider site in its selection algorithm. This is accomplished
# by sending ICP "HIT" packets to the UDP echo port of the source
# host. Note that using source_ping may send a fair amount of UDP
# traffic out on the Internet and may irritate paranoid network
# administrators.
# Note that source_ping is incompatible with inside_firewall.
# For hosts beyond the firewall, source_ping packets will never
# be sent.
# By default, source_ping is off.

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