Re: How do I change the 'Access Denied' mesg?

From: Karl Schaffarczyk <>
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 98 14:36:03 +1000

>When someone tries to access a blocked site, the message:
>Access Denied
>Sorry, you are not currently allowed to request
>>From this cache. Please check with the cache administrator if you
>believe this is incorrect.
>Generated by squid@server.......
>appears. I've tried reading the FAQ and all the archived posts, but I
>can't find any information on how to change this message. Which file,
>and where, do I need to modify to change this message to something more
>informative? I'm running Squid ver 1.1.10 (will be upgrading in about a
>month) on a FreeBSD system.
>Thanks in advance.

try using the deny_info field - I use this to great effect, returning
highly detailed error messages, and even using them as a simple

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